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Ready to get in touch?

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In Studio Headshot Rates

Pay-Per-Look Packages

2 looks (3 retouched images): $300

3 looks (4 retouched images): $425

4 looks (5 retouched images): $550

5 looks (6 retouched images): $675

A' La Carte Sessions

Book with 1-3 friends, and only pay a session fee!

2 People: $175 per person

3 People: $150 per person

4 People: $125 per person

1 Hour Session Per Person

Photos purchased separately (see "Additional Images" for pricing)

Additional Images

$35 each retouched image

$150 for Full Proof Gallery*

*Proofs are smaller image files that are not retouched. Intended for personal and social use. Not for professional use.


Who does my hair and makeup?

I am a big believer in your photo representing you; you on your best day in your best light. You will most likely not be having your hair and makeup done professionally on the day of your audition or job interview. For this reason, I will always encourage people to do their own. When you book your shoot, you will receive my prep guide with some tips to prepare to look and feel your best!

What is a "look"?

A look is simply a change of clothes, but could include a change of hair and makeup. So 2 looks could mean you wear your favorite blue t shirt and then change into a button up with or without a blazer. I will also change backdrops and lighting to match the vibe or intention of each look.

How long will my photoshoot last?

On average, expect 30 minutes per look. However, there are many variables that can affect the length of time we shoot. Level of client's preparation, amount of hair and makeup, and level of comfort on camera. This is why I offer my packages per look rather than per hour, so you don't have to stress about fitting everything in.

What is a retouched image?

Retouched images have been color calibrated, light corrected, and cropped to necessary aspect ratios. Blemishes will be removed, skin tone balanced, eyes and teeth respectfully brightened, and distractions (stray hairs, rogue fuzz, glasses glare, etc.) will be removed. You will receive high resolution downloadable files of these images along with the rights for professional use.

What are proofs?

After our photoshoot, you will receive a link to an online gallery of your photo "proofs". These are smaller image files for you to view and select your favorites to be retouched. I find it helps to think of them in the days of film, proofs are like viewing your negatives to select the few you'd like to print. Only in today's digital world, printing is optional (though encouraged)!
Proof galleries may be purchased for personal and social use, but are not recommended for professional use.