Being a performer, I spent quite a bit of time in front of a camera. Not to mention that I am the baby of my family (and the only girl), so obviously I was the most photographed child. However, my journey as a photographer began on family vacations. An underwater disposable camera? Epic! The process was enthralling; the anticipation waiting for film to be developed, the excitement of seeing the shots that turned out the way you had envisioned, the surprise and laughter at the silly moments you may or may not have meant to capture, and eventually those memories being reignited when you find the photos in a shoe box years later. The process may be instantaneous now, but the human response remains the same. This, to me, is magic.

In 2019, I began freelancing as a headshot photographer. During the pandemic shutdown I pivoted into a full time product photography role with a kitchenwares company. Currently, I continue exploring both disciplines as a freelancer. You can have a look at both portfolios here. Thanks for visiting!